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Gore & Grewe was founded in 1992 as Casey, Gore, & Grewe by three christian attorneys. In 1999 the firm became Gore & Grewe, PS. Since that time Mr. Gore retired and the principal of the firm Dar Grewe continues in practice. Our firm has grown over the last 10 years with the additional of long time paralegal Jeanne Dawes obtaining her license to practice law in 2012. Also in 2012 Dar’s son Josh Grewe began clerking with the firm and subsequently obtained his license to practice in 2018.


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Darwin D. Grewe




Juris Doctor, 1978

B.A., Business 1975

Activities & Affiliations

Washington State Bar Association, Member

Bar Admissions

• Washington, Idaho



associate attortney

Jeanne J. Dawes




WSBA APR Rule 6 Law Clerk Program
Clerk Certificate

B.A., Economics, 1995

Activities & Affiliations

• ABCD Bar Association, Member
• Constitutional Conservation, Member

Bar Admissions

• Washington


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ASSOCIATE attorney

Joshua P. Grewe

I joined the firm in 2012 as a WSBA Rule 6 Law Clerk and became an attorney in 2018. My path to the legal profession was unorthodox at best and came unexpected time in life. My dad, Dar Grewe invited me to see if the practice of law was something that would be a good fit for me. Shortly after, I applied for admission the WSBA Law Clerk Program to complete my legal education. The Law Clerk program is a 4 alternative to traditional law school with a work requirement. Essentially, the Law Clerk Program is a work/study apprenticeship that facilitates legal education during the course of employment. Graduating from the program in 2017 and passing the Washington State Bar in 2018 I am now practicing law with my dad and plan to do so indefinitely (as long as he keeps me around). I am an avid cyclist, love to waterski, and snowboard, but most of all I love to work hard regardless of the task at hand. I am very competitive which led me to compete as a Division II athlete in college in the decathlon and soccer during my senior year. “Hard worker” has become one of my defining character traits that was instilled in me by my dad at young age. I take the same approach to the practice of law and my representation of my clients.

My wife Alycia and I love the Inland Northwest and plan to stay in Spokane to grow our family. I love her to death and our children. We serve together in ministry at our church, Faith Bible Church, which has become a very critical part of our spiritual and personal growth as believers in Jesus Christ (which we are not ashamed to say).

My goal is to carry on in the practice of law that my dad started and continue to serve our clients with the same integrity, compassion, and care that I have seen him display daily. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by calling the office or emailing me at jpgrewe@goregrewe.com.



WSBA Rule 6 Law Clerk

Law Clerk Program 2017


B.S. Accounting 2009

B.S. Business Administration 2009

Activities & Affiliations

Washington State Bar Association, Member

Spokane County Bar Association, Member

Bar Admissions